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Customer rewards program

Go to the Daycare Services page to get more information about the rewards!

Please take note !!!

Dog Days of Birmingham closes at 6PM. Late pickups are available, as we need to know 24 hours in advance, and can be NO later than 7pm.

Any and all photos taken at Dog Days of Birmingham are the sole property of Dog Days of Birmingham and can be used at the sole descrition of Dog Days of Birmingham.

We sincerely appreciate your support,
Jimmy, Sue, and the whole crew at Dog Days of Birmingham!!!

What you get in a normal day at daycare at Dog Days of Birmingham.

  • Daily pictures on Facebook if weather allows
  • Dog Socialization
  • People Socialization
  • Well exercise, tired dog
  • Basic manners are reinforced at the owners request.

Here are some shots of Dog Days of Birmingham's Roof!

We now have the shade cloth and misting system up to help our BFFs stand the heat a little better.

The mister is connected to the outer edges of the shade cloth and sprays a fine mist of water to help keep the temps down. Of course the bright red firehydrants are a favorite of all of the pooches and make sure they know where to go. Drop by and see the famous "Dog Days of Birmingham Roof" for yourself.