What Our Clients are Saying

See what our clients are saying!

Norma Austin We dog people love you and Sue also...but most importantly, the DOGS love you, and us also. If a dog loves you, that speaks volumes about you and your potential as a human being. Most of us aren't perfect...the dogs have to teach us to throw a ball, and how to chill. Lucky is the person that is loved by a dog! Hugs!


Kimberlea Williams Wilson Jimmy - I want you and your amazing team at Dog Days to know what you have done for me. When I lost my sweet Mattie 4 years ago, I didn't get another dog because I work a lot and couldn't stand the thought of leaving a pup for long days at home alone. But I missed having a fur baby and started trying to figure out how I could make that happen. Dog Days made it possible for me to get my Mabel. Dog Days and I have raised that little puppy together and I have a new best friend again. I will always be grateful to you and Dog Days for making that possible! I suspect there are countless other examples of the wonderful impact you and Sue have made on the Birmingham doggy community! Thank you!

Michelle May — 5 star

I bring both my XL boys for the day and for boarding. One thing that I love is that even though one of then cannot go to group play (doesn't play well with others) he still gets to come and someone will walk him and play with him. They both run in the door so I know they enjoy going!

We LOVE Dog Days!! Jimmy, Sue & staff have ginormous hearts and are genuinely concerned for the well being of dogs in their care. The extra love extended to Nico over the past four months has been truly amazing. Christy with walks to the park and weekend adventures, training with Ladale equipped Niko with better listening skills & daily doggie play in water was the ultimate! Gratitude for providing our sweet dog a home away from his. Lifetime patrons for certain!

Cindy Simonetti — 5 starThis place is fabulous! My little one is very attached to me and has a hard time with me leaving. I thought he was going to bust through the window to get out on day two! They did a great job of grooming Leo as well!

Savannah Lanier  5 starMy beagles love going to Dog Days, which helps give me peace of mind when I have to board them. I LOVE how Dog Days posts photos of the pups playing for us to see when we are away. Thank you!

Shelia Alexander  5 starThey take very good care of my Mondo! Their grooming services is off the chain!!!

Rob Sullivan  5 starI take both my dogs there and they always have a blast. I can tell because they are so tired at night and can't wait to get inside whenever we pull up. The owners and staff are great and they give me feedback on my dogs experiences during their stay. It's the only place in town I'll board them.

Jess McCain  5 starWe are so thankful for Dog Days and all of the wonderful staff who work there! Our dog literally runs in circles when we start talking to him about going to "doggy day care," and he greets the crew at Dog Days like they're his extended family. We feel so good knowing that our Barkley is socializing, playing in the sun and being cared for by the loving staff at Dog Days while we're away at work. We've been taking our dog to Dog Days regularly for almost two years and truly only have positive things to say.

Corie McDowell  5 starThis place is AWESOME! The people there are so nice and genuinely have a passion for dogs. Their facility is also amazing! My little girl had a BLAST and will be back very soon.

Josh Randolph  5 starHighly Reccomend! Why take your dog to typical vet with very small living quarters and limited walks when you can take them here. Also, great option to have day care after wash/cut if you can't pick them up until after work. First time my dog wasn't shaking upon entering. Christy was very helpful.

Chris Hicks  5 starClean, classy, and caring! You won't find a place who cares more about your animals!


Nico's Mom

Our dog, a spoiled rotten Great Dane, stayed at Dog Days when we lived in B'ham and we always felt good about leaving her with Mr. Jimmy and she loved it there (yes, she told us so :-). We moved to Huntsville and still board her at Dog Days if we can. We tried several places in B'ham over the years and never found a boarding place that was even close to being as friendly and caring as Dog Days and let the dogs play as much as they do here.

Carisa Formby Sparks

I highly recommend these guys! Jimmy and his crew are not only incredible folks but also do an awesome job with dog training. I have used several in town and no one comes close. Call me and I will share my awesome experience with these guys!

Chase Morrow

Loved seeing you guys at the Mutt Strut yesterday. I can't remember her name, but just wanted to say the staff member who was there with you & ran with her dog in the 5k is wonderful & one of many reasons I will continue to only take my dogs to Dog Days. I was volunteering with HIP & cheering on the runners on the sideline with Eva - your staff member recognized Eva by name as she ran by. I can't tell you how good that made me feel - I don't board my "kids" often, but when I do, I have such a piece of mind knowing they are at a place that really cares. :)

Eva's Mom "Maggie"

"AJ cracks me up.... As soon as we get to the corner of 2nd Ave and 18th Street, he starts trying to rip my arm from the socket because he's so happy to see all his friends at Dog Days of Birmingham. Love that place."

Alan Raymond "AJ's Dad"

Robin Fisher Hall - Hey Jimmy !! I just wanted to say thank you for your hospitality and for the fun tour !! You are doing a phenomenal job there . I can honestly say , if I lived here , even though I'm a vet , I would bring my dogs there to stay there at least twice a week !!!

Jeanne Harem - That is awesome. My dog loves Doggie Daycare. He misses it when he has to stay at home.

Dee Dinsmore Spivey - More photos!!!! Your photos are just the BEST... excellent shots and they make me HAPPY every time I view them... your ROOF is my ideal HEAVEN

Niamh Tuohy Clarke - Thank you, Dog Days for bathing and "tidying" our Emma today...she looks and smells WONDERFUL!!!!

Heather Messer - We love it!!! We can't say enough good things about you all and hopefully everyone else will finally see what we've been bragging about!!

It's so funny that our FAVORITE thing to do every night when we walk in the door is to look at the DDoB Facebook page to see all the great pictures and hoping to catch a glance of our precious son, Koko! In all of his pictures, he has the biggest smile and we are so afraid that he doesn't want to come home!!! Thank you DDoB as he is having the best time!!

KoKo's Mom

"AVRAL thanks Dog Days of Birmingham for their boundless support of animals in need. They helped stuff AVRAL gift bags and have opened their hearts (and office space) to us. THEY ARE AVRAL ANGELS, and if you're considering doggie day care or excellent boarding facilities, you could not find more compassionate people...."


Thank you for taking good care of my pups while I was on vacation; it allowed me to relax more knowing they were having fun and not in a doggie 'jail', where they would have been anxiously stuck in a steel run with zero fun and even less exercise. The socialization was great for all of them and they have been happily tired with peaceful souls since picking them up! Thank you

Anita - Wookie, Tiger Lilly, and Daisy's mom

Just visited a couple of doggy daycares here in Tallahassee - there are several here - but have found nothing that even comes CLOSE to measuring up to y'all! We are so hesitant to leave Ada anywhere else. Dog Days measures way above and beyond the places we have seen in every single aspect (facilities, staff, outdoor play, etc etc). Just thought you should know. :-)

Katie (Ada's Mom)

"I am originally from Bham but I live in northern Kentucky now. I am a veterinarian and I just wanted to say you have an AWESOME facility and you should be commended. I wish there was such a facility here. Wonderful job !! Keep up the good work !!"

Robin Fisher Hall

"We can't say enough good things about you guys. Riley absolutely loves coming there and was definately exhausted when she came home Sunday. Thank you for taking care of her and we can't wait for her to come stay again!!"


"By far the best experience we've had with boarding and daycare for Gretchen. Especially after she came back from her last boarder being terrified of other dogs. You can tell they really invest in the dogs there and are completely transparent about how they run their business. Highly recommended!"


"Our two Heelers' favorite day of the week is any day we round the corner headed to Dog Days of Birmingham. Regardless of whether we're headed there for daycare, boarding, or grooming - they are always eager. It is a great comfort to us to see how much our boys love the Dog Days' staff and to know without doubt that they are safe a happy. I didn't think we could possibly be more impressed with the personal attention, professionalism, and dedication we have witnessed firsthand from every one of the folks at Dog Days, but we were blown away when we found out that the folks at Dog Days had gone the extra mile to learn our sign language to communicate with one of our boys who is hearing impaired! We are truly thankful to everyone at Dog Days for the stellar care and love they provide to the four-legged members of our family!"

J. McKinney

"After moving from Atlanta to Birmingham, one of my first priorities was to find Rocco a daycare and boarding facility. He may be a 3 year old Maltese, but he is also my baby! After visiting many daycares, I was becoming very frustrated and worried. Nothing compared to the wonderful place Rocco went to in Atlanta. I know my standards are very high, but I will not compromise when it comes to him. I did not want him in acrate with bars all day long. I wanted a day care that was cage free, where Rocco can play and socialize with dogs his size. As soon as I walked in I could tell that everyone from the owner, Jimmy, down to the handlers loved animals and are dedicated to giving them the best care in a very clean and comfortable atmosphere. Dog days is the only one that I trust with my baby. Thanks to Jimmy and all the staff for keeping Rocco happy and safe!"

Rocco's Mom - Kit Marshall

"My dog leaps from the backseat, runs faster than a locomotive, and jumps with force to open DogDays' door to enjoy quality playtime with her canine and human friends. Thanks for a Super dog service for downtown Birmingham."

Michael Pepe, President and CEO of BioDtech

"Lexie loves coming to doggie daycare. I used to hate my class days since I work full time and am going back to school because she was stuck at home for over 12 hours by herself. But now that is the best day of the week for her. She paces by the front door when I get ready in the morning, when I open the front door to leave she shoots out towards the car. When we finally pull up to Dog Days of Birmingham she starts crying to get out of the car. Then when Jimmy comes out she about tackles me to get out of the car! She loves daycare and now paces by the door every morning hoping that is her day to go."

Thank ya'll so much!

Pamela and Lexie

(I) Left my dog, Stella, in the very wonderful and loving hands of Dog Days of Birmingham today. I just got a phone call to tell me that my baby was doing great and how she had behaved this morning! None of my kid’s daycares or schools ever did that!! If you're looking for a groomer, boarder, or doggie daycare in Birmingham, I highly recommend Jimmy Johnson at Dog Days of Birmingham!!

Jana B.

If you can love a business, that would be us! We heart Dog Days! The owner, Jimmy, is always there. Not only is he an awesome "pack leader", but I trust businesses more when the owner cares enough to personally oversee the day to day operations. I would not even consider taking my beloved Albus to any other doggie day care. Albus comes home happy and very tired. I would give this business a 6 star rating if possible! Just can't say enough about this family-run operation!

Albus' Mom

We are so glad we found Dog Days!! Our 8 month old pup, Ada Belle, has so much energy and we hated leaving her at home all day when she was ready to play. We are far too overprotective of our "baby" and were hesitant to leave her with someone else all day at first, but we have not had one more concern after seeing the great care she gets at Dog Days daycare. Jimmy and all of the staff are great and truly care about making sure each dog gets special treatment and has a fun day. Asking Ada if she wants to go to "doggy daycare" gets her even more excited than "treat" or "go for a walk" lately! I highly recommend Dog Days - your furbaby will thank you!!

Katie Ada's Mom

I feel like I give my Zeppelin the best life that he could have, expect when I work my 12 hour shifts during the week. For the last two months I have taken Zep to Dog Days of Birmingham on my lunch break and picked him up at closing. It is a perfect match for us. He jumps toward Mr. Jimmy like he is family too. It's only two days a week that we come to daycare, but it has been great for giving my dog interaction and exercise on the days that it is hard for me to do anything other than work. We bought the half-day package and it is really reasonable. As far as I know, it will be our routine to show up and "get the party started" for months to come. Thanks Mr. Jimmy for the love you give my American Bulldog, Zeppelin.

Cory, Birmingham, AL

Our dog has so much fun at doggie daycare at Dog Days of Birmingham. She gets super excited whenever we pull up outside of Dog Days and runs inside to play with the wonderful staff and all of her doggie friends. She plays so hard, she always falls asleep on the way home. It's great for her and great for us. We love Dog Days of Birmingham!

Traci, Michelle, and Emmie, Fultondale, Alabama

The Johnons's are the most caring people we have ever used to take care of our pups. They will not go anywhere else!

Jim, Birmingham

Dog Days of Birmingham is the best place to board your dogs! They take great care of your animals and the fact that they live in the facility is a huge plus!

Jill, Birmingham, Al

I have been bringing my dog to Jimmy and the crew at Dog Days for almost a month now and I couldn't be happier. As the owner of a lovable but very shy dog, I was (and still am) so happy with how patient Jimmy and his staff are with him and that they have really helped him come out of his shell and learn to play with other dogs.Since the loss of his best friend, my dog doesn't get a lot of time to socialize with other dogs, especially in the heat of the Alabama summer when going to the dog park isn't really an option but Dog Days gives him a safe, constantly monitored environment inside (and outside on their awesome roof!) to interact with other dogs and keep him busy while I am at school.I am disappointed I didn't know about Dog Days sooner, but I consider my dog lucky that I still have a couple years of school left!

~ The Snary Family (& Steve McQueen the Chihuahua)